Mayan temple detail

The ancient mesoamerican spiritual path teaches how to create equilibrium and balance in life. It is a mental state where all vibration and energy become sacred, the toltecayotl transcends body, mind and spirit. It integrates in everyday activities, using different art and techniques to create beauty and sacredness. Using diet, herbs, exercise, meditation, etc. This is the ayurveda equivalent of the mesoamerican ancient people.

The Toltec people integrated this knowledge in everyday activities; like walking, sleeping, esting, breathing, and observation. In essence this philosophy is about fussing your heart and your brain into one. Unlike Ayurveda which is very well documented and multiple books and other sources of information survive (and continue to be written), the Toltecayotl has mostly been lost during the conquest of Mexico which saw most books (mesoamerican codices), and cities burned. What little survives comes from the oral tradition, the surviving archeological record and the temples left behind. My hope is to continue sharing this knowledge with the world so it continues to survive in future generations.