Kundalini Yoga

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Kundalini Yoga is a science, art and technology enabling one to access and utilised his own creative energy. This power (Shakti) is thought to lie dormant in the lower end of the spine and is often pictured as a coiled, sleeping serpent (Kundalin means “coiled”) until it is awakened, spontaneously or by yogi techniques and arises to unite with Universal energy (prana), empowering an individual with expanded consciousness and awareness beyond ordinary perception.

Kundalini Yoga consist in exercises or postures (asanas) with special breathing (pranyama), hand and finger gesture (mudras) body locks (bhandas), chanting (mantras), sequence of postures (kriyas) and meditation, together or in sequence to create exact specific effects.

This science has been studied in the monasteries of India and Tibet for thousands of years.

All forms of yoga aim at the same goal: Union. Yoga means to union or yoke, the man with the universe.