Walter Meneses

Walter Meneses is a tradicional mexican healer (shaman) and yogi, he has been studying around the world ancient natural medicine, learning the best way to heal body, mind and spirit in a natural way. He has been living in Sweden for the last 21 years with his wife Linda and 2 children. He studied massage therapies, Mayan and Chinese medicine in Mexico, and ayurvedic medicine in India and Austria, and Japanese moxibustion Itothermie in Japan, as well as Kundalini yoga and different massage therapies in Sweden.

Originally from Mexico, he spent 9 years living in the south maya region of Mexico where he discovered the old Maya-Toltec tradition. During this time he learnt directly from the modern Maya people and their sacred temples. This spiritual path is called Toltecayotl (ancient mesoamerican spirituality). The Toltec people aim to find beauty. Learning, practising, and mastering different techniques he performs the old wisdom in what he touches.

My specialty is healing in its many branches: massage, bone setting, herbology, purification methods, Ayurveda marma points, etc. My work is to provide experience-guidance-learning to people looking for high quality chemical free therapies!! All techniques I have studied are very effective and are the result of continuous studying and practice for over 30 years.

Contact me:
Mobile: +46(0)768580594.
E-mail: walter@saasil-nah.se
Adress: Barnhemsvägen 11, 2tr 13146 skuru nacka Sweden